1. language barrier

    My co-workers and I had to school another fellow co-worker on how to properly talk like a southerner (well, we’re in Southern Indiana, close enough) She’s from Michigan and actually enunciates her words.

    Here are some tips if you too want to fit in:

    * drop every G at the end of any word. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Living is livin’, dying is dyin’ and so forth

    * let words just fall out of your mouth. This comes in handy if you’re trying to pronounce Louisville. You would think it has 3 syllables but it’s only 2 the way I say it. 

    * add an R where there shouldn’t be one. Warsh and “oril” (oil) are good examples

    * “Y’all”. know it. love it.

    I hope this helps

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